Kathy Bornheimer has over 20 years of experience in recruitment and career coaching. She spent several years recruiting in engineering before migrating to IT professionals.

As a recruiter Kathy was repeatedly involved in the hiring process with the employer and the candidate. She could be that proverbial “fly on the wall” and was privy to both sides of the issue. She witnessed the successes and failures (again from both sides) in the process.

Having her own business - K.B. & Associates - since 1992 Kathy knows what it’s like to be in continual search for new business (jobs). Her sales presentations are comparable to interviewing and marketing materials are her resumes.

As the Director of Career Services at a private college in Milwaukee, Kathy was a leader in connecting employers and students/graduates/alumni for employment and managed the internship program.

Kathy now puts all of her efforts into K.B. & Associates and continues to address employment issues affecting today’s workforce and the workforce of the future. Kathy is also the author of “The Street Smart Approach to Job Search” (Dorrance Publishing, 2004) and is the co-author “Work Makes Me Sick (Prescribe Something Quick)!” (2006). She had been a regular contributor to Technical Support magazine (Technical Enterprises). Currently she is nationally syndicated with three online media organizations, InfoSoft Group; parent company of www.MilwaukeeJobs.com and www.WisconsinDiversity.com, Jobing.com and JobDig; online and hardcopy.

Kathy continues to provide programs, seminars and workshops that are related to employment issues. She is currently affiliated with the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, Continuing Education Career Transition Center. She serves on the Advisory Board, is one of their career coaches and adjunct instructor.